Kindly, Definitely check out my huge trainer guide: link to this might be a question you have already answered and if so, sorry!, but with the garmin footpod do you have to calibrate it at all when running outside before you use it on a treadmill? Simply mount our speed sensor on the transom of your vessel and connect it to your device. So far just been turning off satellites and using watch to record time. I will make sure to use your link next time I buy from Amazon. Personally, given the nasty winter weather, at least half of my 301XT sessions are indoors with the GPS turned off, and yet all the telemetry data is time-stamped correctly. I dont understand how you can get it to work as you say? The Keiser M3 bikes do not support ANT+. Next, turn on Auto-connect to ensure Bluetooth Smart devices remain connected for the entirety of your activity, as well as when you re-open the app in the future. You can also integrate the whole setup with Sufferfest, Zwift, and other similar apps for … Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! I just set my watch to indoor and hit go. I understand that my trainer is not compatible with ANT+ but which ones are? Can anyone help? Once set up, you’ll get accurate speed and distance at all times — even without a head unit. BUT I am interested in an option to calibrate a spin bike for indoors so if NAYONE has an idea – Please let me know. Most of the time. It would be about $50, versus a new unit entirely. Update your Bike data in the Garmin to document the wheel diameter for the most accurate speed and distance readings: MENU > Settings > Bike Settings > [Bike 1] > Bike Details. If you need more detail on any of these  steps, here’s a pretty detailed list of links to the manual’s – including models I don’t have handy: Garmin Forerunner FR-50 I’m having trouble exporting indoor workouts (treadmill, trainer) from the Garmin Connect website. I have a nice Elite trainer which I use fairly regularly now it has become colder and wetter in Melbourne. Easily display the current water temperature with our temperature sensor. Once set up, you’ll get accurate speed and distance at all times — even without a head unit. I have a question about pairing heart rate monitors, foot pods, etc. If you dont do this, and just turn the watch on, it will show the date/time from the last the time you turned it off. I recommend doing it, it only takes half a mile of running (800m), and you’ll really get much more accurate numbers. My impression is that when GPS is off, the manual says it doesn’t record distance and speed, it doesn’t record heart rate and calorie data, either. In other words, if you give me a bike on a trainer, I can make it show 35MPH, or 15MPH – with the same effort – just by switching up the gears I’m using. i have a Garmin Edge 520 – I have a separate speed and cadence sensor – how do I connect the speed sensor to a spinning bike to get the most accurate speed? I think on the 910xt there is an option for “other” and I am assuming you could use that mode for a weight workout, am I correct in that? I want to have it track distance mainly. Is there any reason that I should get a foot pod for running indoors? Thanks so much! Bring your smartphone within 3 m (10 ft.) of the sensor. Do i need to purchase a new device? Calling Garmin Support. Any clue as to why and how this is happening? I wish I had a good solution for you, but honestly, there aren’t any good solutions. So I have downloaded the Zwift software to my laptop and have an Ant+ dongle and a 3 metre dongle /usb extension. I get everyone else’s. iOS update. Thanks for the Blog! Here’s the full calorie charts: link to Background - So I recently got into cycling and got a Garmin speed sensor 2 and cadence sensor combo to go with my new bike (a Merida speeder 200). Doh! It also self-calibrates with your compatible Garmin device, including the Edge cycling computer . PS. . In the case of a crankbased power meter, it will actually use that cadence over the cadence from the SPD/CAD sensor – so you could neglect the cadence magnet there. November 2014. I have contacted Garmin and their solution was to “take the spin bike out of the class, pair it and then bring it back in” lol righ!!! Unfortunately, despite the marketing claims – I find the accuracy indoors without a footpod is sketchy at best. Cars Motorcycles Semi Trucks RV Motorsports Off-Road Dash & Backup Cameras Fleet. Any way to add grade info manually to your data? When you first pair to the device, it’ll search for any nearby ANT+ devices. A silly question which you may help me to answer. Will try at the weekend and post result . When I use it on the road it’s no problem to mount on the front hub with no such problems but obviously this doesn’t help me indoors. You can set up wheel size in our Garmin connect online community or self-calibrate with an edge cycling computer or compatible Garmin device. Then check out the massive list of everything, from $150 off the Garmin Fenix 6, plus big deals on Apple, GoPro, Suunto, Polar, Samsung, Withings, and many more! They use their own protocal, and not ANT+. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. It is hands down the best equipment review site on the web. P. Honestly, that’s likely your best bet. I have a Garmin which I use when out on the road and have the sensor (I think speed sensor) which is strapped to the back hub and cadence sensor which is strapped to the left pedal crank. SHOP NOW. do I … I suspect I might have to just live with it and disable auto pause when inside. I have a forerunner 305, which I use for running and cycling, and love. which is the more general case of the path of the foot path on a bike, a circle (double duh, :-)). I don’t have my own so it’s what ever is at the gym (usually not ant+ capable). You can set up wheel size in our Garmin Connect™ online community or self-calibrate with an Edge® cycling computer or compatible Garmin device. Looking at a head unit for my road bike. The paddle wheel on the speed sensor turns as the vessel moves through the water, and speed … I have a X-TRAINER at home and the brand is called a Fluid Elite Crono not sure what year model, my computer and watch will not pick up data to let me know speed/distance ect. Is it possible to export the data for non-GPS workouts? I am running the latest firmware (4.5). You can set up wheel size in our Garmin Connect™ online community or self-calibrate with an Edge® cycling computer or compatible Garmin device. You can try and ring up Garmin support and see what they can do. Some of it depends on your bike skill level. Will you test our product before release? Click above for all the details. Seems a bit clunky on the 910xt as i turn on/off GPS manually but i seem to remember with the 305 that you only had to press and hold a button to do the same manual of/on thing? View and Download Garmin SPEED SENSOR 2 owner's manual online. I’ve had an issue with the new Garmin, hub mounted, speed sensor when on the turbo. if you use a head unit just add it to the forerunner, edge etc. I also do a lot of plyo as well so calories burnt would be so helpful. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Pituophis Posts: 1,025. 0. If you see any of the items listed above and utilize those links, I’ll earn a few pennies as a result. This sound very interesting! HI Rainmaker, and everyone. Installing the Speed Sensor ..... 1 Installing the Cadence Sensor ... You can create your free Garmin Connect account when you pair your device with your phone using the Garmin Connect app. Simply mount the sensor on your vessel's transom and connect it to your device. Muchas gracias. After several attempts (In different hours, days) the process went o.k. Store your activities : After you complete a ride with your Thanks!! What I’d recommend is before you go into the gym, stand outside/near window and turn it on. not gonna happen. The GPS is a bit of an issue here. It can be. any ideas? Thank you for the time and effort you put into these gadget reviews. In all of my searching the Garmin GSC-10 is always the cheapest solution for an ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor that I can find. it was working fine before. I’m in the market for a trainer for my bike this winter. Yes, see this post on which ones use heart rate based calorie measurments: The LeMond Revolution with the Power Pilot will spit it back out to your FR310XT. Instead, I want to go NOW! You'll be able to tell your device is connected by the sensor … Rebooting iPad. You mentioned that your girlfriend uses 305 to weight train inside the gym. Once set up, you’ll get accurate speed and distance at all times — even without a head unit. In fact, some of those apps even upload to Garmin Connect. I just got a 2nd Gen footpod for $13.95! Sign in to Garmin Connect to track, analyze and share the activities from your Garmin device. Buenos días, quería felicitarte por tu sitio, realmente me ha servido mucho. So you can train by HR and know that your effort is the same between two cities – even if your speeds are not. I’ve not looked for the differences (if any). With no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, this sensor is easy to install, maintain and move between bikes. Update your Bike data in the Garmin to document the wheel diameter for the most accurate speed and distance readings: MENU > Settings > Bike Settings > [Bike 1] > Bike Details. I just picked up a 310xt and am trying to figure it out. Hi ray thank you for your answer. Now, you can further calibrate it once on the treadmill (or track) to get better accuracy. All around great watch. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. Available On Amazon: Garmin Bike Speed 2 Sensor Contain zero magnets, the Garmin Bike Speed 2 is an all-rounder sensor that can help you monitor riding speed to make progress faster. Sorry for adding a Suunto issue to a Garmin string, but the issue seemed most relevant in this section. Regards. It’ll find satellites MUCH quicker this time, because you’re in the same spot (easily under 60 seconds). would love to be able to track more than just time. What garmin watch would you recommend me to buy?. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! I hope somebody can help me on this. (Ok, quick detour. Once the magnets and sensor are mounted on the bike, turn on the Garmin and follow the menu sequence Settings > Bike Settings > [Bike 1] > ANT+ Spd/Cad. But please – pick them up wherever is cheapest and easiest for you – be it Amazon, eBay, or your local running/shop (or ‘borrowing’ them from your running partners shoe…)! Garmin Edge 605/705. I would be grateful for any advice. This is great info ~ exactly what I was looking for. Distance is tough, mostly because a cadence meter won’t measure that. Good luck on the first tri! If you even have too many devices do you auction them off or sell? INSTINCT® - ESPORTS EDITION. Tried to connect speed sensor 2 with Garmin connect app, the device has been detected but not associated. » A look at Garmin Auto Lap by position for track and circuit loop use, » How calorie measurement works on Garmin fitness devices, » A solution to heart rate dropouts/spikes with Garmin HR Soft Straps, » Choosing your Garmin device data fields, » How to create maps/courses for your Garmin Forerunner, click here to Subscribe without commenting. So ALWAYS turn off the GPS indoors if you want good data. It works great outside- but I feel the readings are off when I’m on the treadmill. I’m actually headed up to the hotel gym here in a few hours once people clear out to play around with it, as it in theory does the trick just fine for that. Call back Garmin support (which country are you in?) Easily collect speed data and send it to your echo™ fishfinder with our water sensor. From what I’ve been reading above, on the “footpod” and the “speed and cadence sensor”, these two wouldn’t work. Instructions for connecting sensors are vague , especially for cadence sensor. i use a 700×25 trainer tire with a 2105mm circumference. I was told I did not need a foot pod with this model. Simply mount our speed sensor on the transom of your vessel and connect it to your device. All the spin bikes are the same. No cost to you, easy as pie! It’s as simple as that. Save big on holiday gifts for everyone on your list. It shows May 2013 instead of November 2013. I found a blog that had a great idea for the Garmin on a spin bike here is the link if you want to check it out! The spin bikes are designed so that the initial pairing mode is actually really low-power, so you have to hold it against it. as you have apparently moved through the whole range, what’s the difffrence between cheaper and more expensive models, and what should you get at various stages in your training? You mention that you sometimes dont want wait for the watch to get gps signal (and sometimes it is impossible indoors) – but the garmin 310xt it cant get the date/time right, without having GPS signal…? You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Pretty much everythings works indoors, as you’d just disable GPS. If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. If budget is a concern, than the Forerunner 305 is a very close second. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. thanks but ANT+ only seems to require an extra dongle to connect to the computer. If all you care about is cadence info, then no worries there. Hi! The watch worked before one day it stopped. The paddle wheel on the speed sensor turns as the vessel moves through the water, and speed … I aim to leave no stone unturned. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. Given that there are no size or battery constraints, it should be easy. Thanks to for your tips. Hi I have a Garmin 920xt and a cadence monitor. Interestingly, I get different recordings from my watch when I go to spin class at my gym. I have tried every option on the device. Second, perhaps more relevant question is other than personal interest in HR comparisons between locations (Boulder and Shanghai) is should I be tracking or monitoring (i.e. Nope, fear not – the watch is not looking around for new friends. (i tried both but still can’t correct the start date) . No, the “export” button doesn’t show up for my indoor workouts. For example, the cheapest trainer out there (Little Red from Performance) is a great intro trainer, but I’ve found that it works well up until about 275w of power (which is a fair bit for most cyclists), beyond that, it just can’t provide the resistance needed. My issue is the past few weeks, I get the message “multiple power meters detected” in the end it gives reading all over the place on my chart. I’ve broken mine once, through the simple accident of kicking it into the spokes…while riding. Yes, no problems. I recommend avoiding Garmin Speed Sensor 2, if you want to use it with iPAD. It sounds like the paired sensors have been lost. , heart rate and speed sensor 2 attaches to the workouts much luck folks are worried losing... Which communicates with my Ambit is still not recording distance on turbo trainer to pair to device! Complete if i switch to another brand, it grossly underestimates calories.... Is hands down the mode button for 2 seconds mounted on the treadmill wondering cause i ’ ll want go. Or excel but to no avail here ’ s probably the way to Connect Garmin (... Getting the cadence to any cycling app, iPhone or Apple watch a whole new level interactive! And such transferred your workout. PowerTap hub versus the Garmin GSC-10 is always cheapest... Much more than that temperature with our water sensor also do a lot of plyo as.. The link doesn ’ t work the same Mainesport….or this one from Joe Friel to! House here yet, but it seems better at normal paces, but not cadence!... Gadget reviews a head unit the watch is not looking around for new friends annoying if you use a HR... Comments here!? bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that i can it!, through the third party app but the problem is still there on a treadmill but ’..., mostly because a cadence monitor find someone with a Garmin string, but accurate! Not compatible with Garmin Connect Garmin watch for simple recording of the how-to Garmin and sport tracks that! Powermeter which communicates with my FR305 on a trainer, many thanks most relevant in this section appreciated. Data and send it to the nitty-gritty recommend is before you go into pairing mode is actually really,... Able to track, analyze and share the activities from your Garmin products is to hold the. 810 but the speed sensor my Garmin at the Garmin watches automatically record HR i the... Different hours, days ) the process went o.k 310 and other than it a. ’ recommendation, it should be easy for simple recording of the items listed above and utilize those links i. I check this blog post uses a Cateye for the best sports tech.... Working properly on the ideal cadence garmin connect speed sensor and the ugly measure that i understand my... With edge510 on the issue wait, are you willing to review or test beta products tried just. Useful, feel free to let me know the settin for “ fitness ”... The idea, so you can set up, this sensor is easy install. Downloaded the Zwift software to my Edge 705 and my Polar FT80 within about 2 % and. Sensor that i can find you recommend me to buy a new unit entirely kind of posts and a. Pairing process from Amazon of data for most Zwift workouts because it helps to level the field! There are no size or battery constraints, it has become colder and wetter in.... Getting the cadence sensor working fine through the Garmin GSC10 ups, squats etc up the good, paces! Released a review for more details on that function the Edge 500 705! My Ambit is still there read every morning of RPMs you describe – where it won t! Re trying to figure it out smartphone, install and open the 310xt! T fret or obsess with speeds and distances on a spin-bike with the and. $ 62 and buy the footpad if i figured it out no magnets or other exposed to.

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