Dhruv Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, Chalo, is responsible for overall marketing at Chalo and runs it with a soft spot for all things digital. She has been a part of Chalo since its inception in 2014, initially as an early investor, before taking over the role of CPO in 2019. She hinted at how there were enough problems in the country, but people still created more issues with actions like a ‘bandh.’ READ: SAD's Sirsa Files Police Complaint Against Kangana Ranaut: 'Derogatory Words Hurt People' Kangana Ranaut on Bharat Bandh for farmers. Out of this, buses are the single largest mode with the total spend on intracity bus travel in India is $35.5 billion. New features like trip planner, emergency SOS, live trip sharing, and multiple languages have all been added over time. This system makes buses as safe, or even safer, than domestic flying. Beer Lineup Browse our beer lineup to learn more about all of our beers and to keep up on availability of seasonal and specialty releases. StartupTalky is India’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs to read and share startup stories, startup news, About Chalo }); © 2020 Daffodil Software. Vinayak Bhavnani is responsible for Product and Technology at Chalo. Mohit Dubey, Priya Singh Dubey, Dhruv Chopra and Vinayak Bhavnani are the founders of Chalo. Delhi Chalo farmers' protest: The protest has the support of 500 farmers' organisations. This need for real-time response is not just a consumer concern; indeed, many companies are beginning to rely more heavily on the ability to collect, analyze and act on data instantaneously. At Chalo, Vinayak oversees development of all products - for consumers, bus operators, and regulatory partners - and the entire technology platform, spanning live tracking, ticketing, payments, cards, and more. Passengers can get a vehicle using chalo Web, chalo android app and chalo iphone app. We help in capacity building. The entire process takes less than three days to implement.and activated. As a prelude to this facility, Global Positioning System (GPS) will be installed in 350 buses. If the operators would do this manually, i.e. CHALO is Pakistan’s very first fixed carpooling service. … “I have faith in PM Modi's leadership & farmers. Chalo - Revenue Model CHALO is a Mobile Apps Based on-demand Premium car service in Dhaka with Electronic Payment System and Verified Passengers and Drivers. Founders Ravi Kumar, Varun Jain; Operating Status Active; Company Type For Profit; Contact Email customercare@udchalo.com; Phone Number 1800-123-9585; udChalo founding members have a strong Army background. Under his guidance, Chalo has become one of the few companies in the world to have built the entire technology stack for public transport operations management. Now, the Chalo app lets users track any bus on their network and receive updates like the arrival time. At times when the device isn’t working, the operators can restart the devices through the dashboard. The dashboard updates the number of devices that are sending data to the server. The app informs the users about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of public vehicles such as buses, metro trains, inter-city trains etc. History. Vinayak hails from Kota and is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Delhi. The trio like every other urban Indian was bothered by the congestion and chaos in the Indian City roads due to the increasing number of private vehicles, and wanted to find out a solution to this. This is especially useful as buses are operating with dramatically reduced capacity due to COVID-19. Wondrlab founder Saurabh Varma explains why and how his business will be driven by tech platforms A year of anxiety, lined with hope Defined by … It has been equipped in more than 15,000 public vehicles in 17 cities across India and is helping people to find out an optimal way to reach their destination on time. The app throws up details such as cost, journey time and availability. Founders of the organization. We believe passion can’t be taught and we prefer EQ over IQ. The Chalo App is currently used more than 10 million times each month. This data is either used by Chalo mobile app to keep the users informed about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) or is used by public transport operators in different cities. We back founders with a high opportunity cost of entrepreneurship. Chalo - Founders Mohit Dubey, Priya Singh Dubey, Dhruv Chopra and Vinayak Bhavnani are the founders of Chalo. With just a press conference to announce the service, word spread among bus passengers rapidly, and within the first month itself 25% of bus travelers in Bhopal were using the Chalo App to live-track their buses. This backup is used by team Chalo and the public transport operators for the analysis process, which may include calculating the distance traveled by each bus (in a day or week), the total number of locations sent by a device in a day, check for healthy device count, distance traveled by a vehicle, etc. Vinayak is passionate about solving large-scale problems with technology. While there is more to go, I feel confident that we will get there smoothly.”, GS Booking created a modern online travel portal with integrated database that delivered 95% faster page loads, mercaDolar ensured fraud-free transactions of American dollars in Venezuela by developing a legal currency exchange platform, WaPanda creates a taxi-booking app that offers a level playing field to drivers and riders to set the best fare for rides in Jersey City, USA. Here's a look at 'Delhi Chalo' protest that is intensifying at Punjab-Haryana border.Several protesters and policemen were injured during the 'Delhi Chalo' protest march against the … Hari (Naga Shaurya)'s fascination is fights and disputes. For backup and analysis, the data in its raw format is stored on the cloud (AWS). This $35.5 Bn is expected to grow to $45 Bn in 3 years (FY 22) as per a report conducted by PGA Labs in February 2020. Suhel Malhotra | Greater Calgary Metropolitan Area | Founder at Chalo Bollywood (Lets Go Bollywood) | 500+ connections | See Suhel's complete profile on Linkedin and connect We are a sounding board for our founder partners. To successfully implement this vision, Chalo partners with existing bus operators, and the various government entities involved in delivering city transport services – for example the smart city SPVs, city transport SPVs and departments, road transport corporations, etc. Mohit is married and the proud father to a son and daughter. Chalo co-founders Mohit, Priya, Dhruv and Vinayak had many discussions on such issues and realized that developed means of public transport can be of much help to get out of this situation. A smart commute solution for masses in metropolitan cities offers a smart app to connect car owner to daily commuters using same route. This keeps the team informed about healthy device-server configuration, helps in calculating the driver/conductor incentives, etc. According to 2019 industry data, the total spend on shared commute is $83 Bn, which includes buses, auto, trains and cabs, and other modes of transport. It maps the GPS devices with vehicles and informs about which device is associated with which bus, what’s the SIM number, who is the network provider etc. CHALO is a Mobile Apps Based on-demand Premium car service in Dhaka with Electronic Payment System and Verified Passengers and Drivers. Besides attacking the castle, you can also attack monsters in the game, it brings you a lot of fun. With continuous changes and multiple dependencies, the team has managed to keep on the project on track and maintain steady progress, which I would like to laud. On the basis of how updated the data is, data status is maintained through different signals, i.e. In order to overcome these challenges, Team Daffodil had to: Daffodil created a middleware application that parses the data received from 15,000+ GPS devices into a standard format (JSON format). As of 2017, Calm had raised $1.5M in angel investments.. As of February 2019, the company was valued at … Its an Uber / Lyft like business Model which is new in Dhaka. Said Mohit Dubey, Co-Founder, and CEO, Chalo, “In the last financial year, the total spending on intra-city bus travel in India was close to $35 billion. MoS Agriculture, Kailash Choudhary on farmers’ Delhi Chalo protest said that he doesn’t think that ‘real’ farmers are bothered about it. # bhopal # safetravel # cashlesstravel See More Co-Founder at Chalo Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 500+ connections. One of the major challenges associated with fetching the data from the GPS devices was that different GPS devices follow different protocols to transfer data and while some of them send data in real time, others relay data in chunks after a short interval. Now you never have to wait at a bus stop ever again. Mohit, Priya, and Dhruv had worked together previously to build CarWale and BikeWale, India’s #1 car and bike portals. When work allows him some leisure time, he is an avid foodie and incredibly passionate about travel and the movies. We are good at pattern recognition. Directed by Vipul Mehta. The app informs the users about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of public vehicles such as buses, metro trains, inter-city trains etc. "What Chalo focuses on is the basic aspect of bringing in reliability into the transportation system. No More Waiting Aren’t you tired of waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive? Looking back to 2015. Live tracking your bus on the Chalo App and get digital bus tickets on the Chalo Card. Great team is quintessential to building a successful business and we assist founders in building their dream team. Most phones will automatically detect the running Chalo Chalo game and bring you to a screen with a 'Join Game' button within a second or two. Published: 12:00 AM, 09 January 2016 Top 10 Bangladeshi startups. Chalo partners with bus operators to increase ridership, and charges operators a share of the increased ridership, thus making it a win-win situation for all. The mobile app is available on Google Play Store in 15 cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. portalId: "3024849", The cute and quality graphics will surprise you. With Siddharth Randeria, Yash Soni, Aarohi Patel, Bhavik Bhojak. Chalo is a free app that tracks buses live and provides mobile ticketing solutions for bus tickets and bus passes. Zophop operates the website www.chalo.com ("Site") and the Chalo android application ("Chalo"). When it comes to public transport, buses are the most preferred means of travelling for many people across rural and urban India. 'Chalo App', an unique application that is used in Ola cabs is being introduced in the private buses that are run in the city, which will herald the digital ticketing technology in Mangaluru. Chalo is an App that lets you track your buses live on a map. Long way to go!! Yet, only around 15% of Indians can afford their own car, private taxi or a two-wheeler. The name 'Chalo' comes from the very core of  the startup's business objective, i.e “making travel easy for everyone”. Mohit, Priya, and Dhruv had worked together previously to build CarWale and BikeWale, India’s #1 car and bike portals. For a consumer, Chalo provides three key tech-led services: Chalo app is free and is available on Google Play Store. Co-Founder at Chalo Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 500+ connections. Your one stop solution for a … CHALO Technologies Ltd (Bangladesh) was founded by investments from Desh Ventures INC.(USA), which was founded by the same founders as Chalo with investors from USA and Taiwan. We interviewed Chalo co-founder Dhruv Chopra, to understand more about this innovative startup. By using the App, you agree to be bound by these Terms. "Mumbai based Chalo (formerly Zophop) is an app-based solution for public transportation information in select Indian locations. Chalo - Growth. He has also managed digital marketing at HSBC India (2006 - 2009),  run his own IT company, and programmed online video games in the early part of his career. Chalo is a free app that tracks ‍‍‍buses live and tells you what time your bus will reach your stop. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. The different aspects on which 'Chalo' is working includes-. The latest round of funding raised by  Chalo is the Series B funding in December 2018. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It provides real-time device details such as device position, live location of the buses on the map with info like device ID, vehicle number, where a vehicle last was last tracked, packet status, lat/long, etc. StartupTalkers. formId: "be7d5fc4-3eba-48ad-a28b-2e3c4a0db4ce" Chalo is a free app that tracks buses live and tells you what time your bus will reach your stop. Chalo added a new photo. Active, Closed. Priya is married and a doting mother to a son and daughter. Mohammed Hanish said autorickshaws would be available shortly ‘on call’ and as share autos, thanks to Chalo app. Liked by Vinayak Bhavnani. “I have faith in PM Modi's leadership & farmers. Let's go) is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film written and directed by director Venky Kudumula marking his debut as a director. There are 15,0000+ GPS devices installed in different cities across India where each GPS device sends a location packet every 5 seconds. Today, nearly all bus passengers with a smartphone in Bhopal have installed the Chalo App.

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