Probably because they have so many passengers to refund world wide mine too six weeks for the refund to appear in my bank account. Further to my reply above re still waiting for refund from cancelled flight in March, I disputed the transaction online with my bank on Sunday, got a call yesterday asking for any emails with Qantas which I sent through and refund appeared in account this morning - great service from the bank... as a travel agent , this is our daily nightmare. I haven't received refunds for cancelled flights from March. More than 130 Fiji Airways flights have been cancelled for 48 hours due to a tropical cyclone raging over the South Pacific nation. ... Australian holiday makers will spend the weekend in Fiji hiding from a powerful cyclone as airlines cancel all flights to and from the Pacific island group. Airlines flying between Fiji and Australia are cancelling flights as Cyclone Winston intensifies in the region. TheFreq they are canceling so they don’t have to take bookings and make refunds later. Some other airlines are offering just that. No reason Fiji/OZ flights couldn't start at same time. Airlines only cancelled flights because govts closed borders. JetBlue 7. I purchased non-refundable tickets for June trip. Cash preservation is the only way to ensure the sustainability of our airline. Answer 11 of 17: Flights are being cancelled due to the flooding in Nadi, not possible to get to hotels, Denarau closed so no transfers. If I were to redeem said voucher on that date, it would be valid for use until Dec 31, 2022. Frequently asked questions. As the COVID-19 crisis grew, Fiji Airways instituted its Business Continuity and Financial-Security plans. I am a platinum FF and cancelled a flight in early August with payment due by end September. We were booked to fly from Sydney to Fiji, 3 hr stopover at Fiji, then on to Tokyo. Their SYD/LAX daily direct is showing available JAN 11, 2021. They are ever going to offer like for like as fares change depending on season, day of the week, demand etc. New cards only. The process is partial robotic and partial human touch . We now have flights to Santiago cancelled so I will be calling to request a refund and follow up previous refund. If the fare when I want to go is, say, $4,000 then I would be paying $400 instead of $1,000 if I took the cash. Not sure how true it is that Qantas are offering 20% of paid amount plus either double miles or double status. Qantas has started scrapping the next six months of overseas flights, giving passengers the right to request a full cash refund. Regular flyer, you're probably right. All inbound passenger flights to Fiji scheduled between Thursday to next Monday has been canceled by the coronavirus Risk Mitigation Taskforce following a new variant of coronavirus in Britain. It is still not there. I didn’t get offered extra value, either extra points (can’t remember the amount but 5000 rings a vague bell) or DSCs so went with the DSCs. I also hold Platinum for life. Log in below. Latest network updates from U.S. Airlines: 1. I supported Qantas for years. The affected flights are being cancelled now. There is no 20% refund credit plus either double  mileage or double status. My partner and I booked flights on March 22 for a direct flight from Christchurch to Nadi. I am platinum &got a call out of the blue recently offering me additional points or double status credits on a recently cancelled domestic itinerary, redeemable any time up to 2022, so it’s definitely not urban legend. More than 130 Fiji Airways flights have been cancelled for 48 hours due to a tropical cyclone raging over the South Pacific nation. I too believe they will not go under but at least initially, become a smaller operation. We have also engaged with all relevant stakeholders in this regard.”. Answer 1 of 14: I booked a holiday through Webjet, flying via Fiji Airways to Japan in January 2020. Pretty much all airlines are in a serious predicament right now. Keep getting emails saying it has been processed and will be 8-10 days to appear, but never does. I never requested them to be rescheduled. Review: Alliance Airlines (Virgin Australia) Fokker 70 economy class, Review: QantasLink Airbus A320 economy class (Perth-Broome), Review: Delta One Boeing 757 business class, Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Sydney Airport T1 (international), Review: Qantas international business lounge, Perth Airport T1, Review: Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore, Review: Aerotel London Heathrow hotel (Terminal 3), Review: Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard credit card, Review: Qantas Premier Platinum Mastercard. Interesting to see if they now make an offer to make the voucher worthwhile. However, no airline on that continent has decided to stop all international flying until April. Freqflyer Fiji Airways has canceled everything as well. 14 July 2020: Fiji Airways, Fiji’s national airline, has extended international flight cancellations through to the end of August. )I realise things are starting to look bleaker again in Europe. We’ll send you an email to re-activate your account and enter a new password. Although it is looking quite likely that the world won't be getting back to normal just yet, isn't it a bit premature for Qantas to be cancelling all flights to the end of March? I was not offered any incentive to take a voucher even though I asked. Call them up. Choose a flight credit and the price paid for your original booking will be converted into a Qantas voucher. I am yet to see any confirmation from anyone who has received this offer successfully so I doubt this has or is happening. The only -ve with that is you have to pay extra, the merchant fee to put it on credit card. Receiving overnight refunds for March and April flights. I wasn't offered a bonus so I took the cash. Here are the best watches of the year: should you care? I'm pretty sure Air Asia X will re-instate services just as soon as the situation improves, rather than declare a blanket suspension well into next year. Offer ends 31st March 2021. Otherwise, it will be very tough. A couple of ( European ) airlines haven't processed any refunds since April and no advice on when they will be released , it's an enormous problem for everyone , not only the flyer but the agent and in turn the airline. We continue to engage with all employee and employee organisations regarding our future manpower requirements when we eventually return to what will undoubtedly be a thinner schedule.”. NZ/OZ flights start in 6 days. Seventy-one flights to and from Fiji - including from Australian capital cities to Nadi - on Saturday on Fiji Airways and Fiji Link have been cancelled due to the category two cyclone. Then again, some years back they used to be profitable, so it's not a foregone conclusion. The standing Qantas offer is 10% bonus OR double points OR double status credits but some people are successfully pushing this to a 20% bonus AND double status credits. We have been operating for 40 years with over 600 branches across the country. Fiji Airways will operate the last return Auckland-Nadi service on Sunday 22nd March. Yet if a customer was to change their flight, I doubt Qantas would take more than 10 weeks to collect the change fee and fare difference. It is unfortunate and we will assist all staff through the difficult days and weeks ahead. As borders come down, where can you travel across Australia? Can anyone please confirm they received the 20% of paid amount plus either double miles or double status. Resend one to yourself here. I wasn't on line nor was it when I rang Qantas Premium telephone centre. The airline is offering incentives such as having an additional 10% of the booking's value held in credit, or allowing all flights booked using that credit to accrue a double serve of frequent flyer points or status credits. If you need to speak to someone to book one of the above flights only, please call Reservations on 3304388 or 6720888, or 9103603. Flights to Lima have been suspended for the time being. Also to San Francisco from January 11. below, then click 'Submit'. Other readers report an offer of either double Qantas Points or double Qantas status credits for taking a flight voucher over a refund, with some being offered both a credit value boost and a points or status credit bonus in their frequent flyer account. They are still planning on going but staying away from crowds. Russia: All flights to St. Petersburg have been cancelled. On the plus side, refunded money can eventually be spent on travel with other airlines, if there are destinations or promotional sales which appeal. Fiji Airways Suspends 95% of International Flights in Response to COVID-19 Impact. as of this am, some Qantas flights to LAX in Jan 2020 haven't been cancelled (yet). The other day they operated a special Bangkok - Tel Aviv flight to transport Thai migrant workers to Israel. bonuses are meaningless if fares are all on the increase. Click Fiji Airways says Fijians stranded in countries for which flights have been cancelled with immediate effect will have to notify Fijian embassies in those countries of their presence in the country. Flights to and from Fiji have been cancelled or brought forward as the island nation braces for a tropical cyclone due to hit today. Many will never ever see a refund. And of course it'll only be those who have paid a full fare that will be entitled to a cash refund... which means no-one!! Qantas,bring your refund wait time down to maximum four weeks.Close your overseas call centres and employ Australians after all isn't Qantas Australia's national carrier?Or is it? With NZ/Australia flights starting this Fri, with pax with no quarantine or restrictions for kiwis, that's a reasonable hope. Still a far cry from what Qantas is doing. The bad news is they quoted 180 days to pay the refund! We have the added issue of closed international/domestic borders so as an agent we have all but no option to sell anything . Yes that’s 7 months and counting. The Qantas refund system is a sham.Example,You pay for a fully refundable business class ticket and then have to wait 12 weeks for a refund.You firstly have to wait on hold for hours to be answered by rude foriegn staff from South Africa and New Zealand then your told to wait twelve weeks for the return of your money.It could not get more frustrating and Qantas dos'nt seem to care.A double question online giving the passenger a choice Credit voucher or a Refund would make more sence so the call centres could ease up on call volumes but no Qantas has to further annoy it's loyal passengers.Qantas is fast becoming a carrier without a concience.I have been a loyal Qantas F/Flyer for 32 years with all my bookings in business class so where is thank you for my support when it counts?If it's good enough to except payment on a booking then providing it's 100% flexible passengers should be intitled to an immediate refund.Covid is just being used as a lame excuse. Airlines such as Fiji Airways have cancelled flights to the island from places such as Sydney, Brisbane, Los Angeles and Auckland due to the … Would Qantas only start flying again in April, despite this? I got an email from Fiji Airway telling me my flights been "rescheduled" to July. Qantas is not putting that on the table as a 'starting offer' but they do have latitude to go there, and just remember, YOU are the one in the driver's seat here, you can say to them "20% bonus and double status credits, or I'll take my refund thanks" and of course it could depend on the value of your booking, you'd want to be sitting on many thousands of dollars of cancelled flights. Following the Foreign Office’s continued advice against all but essential travel to mainland China, BA has cancelled all flights to and from Beijing and Shanghai until 17 April 2020. Working with foreign embassies and Governments, Fiji Airways will mount one-off recovery flights on an ad-hoc basis during the suspension period as necessary to allow citizens/residents to return home or to their point of origin. Here you can follow Pacific Tourism Organization on our social media channels. here to apply. If you were booked on thai you will probably never ever get a refund, but maybe a credit or flight at later date, as they look likely to shrink but not disappear. I have a $3,000 refund due for a trip to Japan. Already have an ET account? 10 weeks is pure ambition. I think AirAsiaX has cancelled pretty well everything. As previously reported by Executive Traveller, you can expect sweeteners from Qantas to turn a cancelled booking into a flight credit for future travel. © 2017 SPTO. 99% of airlines can't afford any refunds. With NZ/Australia flights starting this Fri, with pax with no quarantine or restrictions for kiwis, that's a reasonable hope. What meals are Qantas, Virgin serving in business class? Some Qantas and Virgin flights from Australia to Fiji were also cancelled or delayed. Seventy-one flights to and from Fiji – including from Australian capital cities to Nadi – on Saturday on Fiji Airways and Fiji Link have been cancelled due to the category two cyclone. think the headline implies that they cancelled all international. Flight status information on all Fiji Airways departures and arrivals for international and domestic flights. The continued cancellations are due to prolonged border closures and travel restrictions as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. United Airlines 4. If the ACCC were not a bunch of toothless tigers, they should be investigating why refunds take more than 10 weeks from the time it is requested. 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Only today I raised that with Qantas with three of my cancelled flights, and was  informed by Qantas Premium/Platinum  that this was not the case. Don't think this is the case at all. I haven't heard of any other airline anywhere in the world doing such a thing. Didn’t receive an activation email? If you purchased a ticket on a Fiji Airways flight which was scheduled to depart on or after 19 March 2020 and your flight was cancelled, Fiji Airways will hold 100% of the value of your ticket in credit for future travel. They could simply say, here's an option. If your enquiry was answered by a consultant in the South African call centre then I'm not suprized.Very poorly trained and rude to boot. Flightradar24 is the world’s most popular flight tracker. Not sure what you mean. Non-flight packages - a holiday that doesn't include a flight If you booked through a travel agent and not directly with STA Travel Limited please speak to your travel agent first for advice.