1990. The movie then tries to pull a fakeout death. He jumps onto his friend’s back, Ronno growls much more convincingly than Bambi can, and the chase is on! It’s very frustrating. Come on, man, let him look cool in front of his girl. I’m sure if you’re into this style of music it’s fine, but it doesn’t really speak to me. Faline offers to let Bambi walk home with her and her mom, but Bambi declines. It’s so cute how happy he is. A prince leaves the past in the past.”  While smiling. I know I’m not in the target age group for this thing, but come on. I’m not much of a country fan, but I do really like this song. Despite all this, the movie does finish strong. You think watching this fawn growing up, and THAT happens," Felix explains, referring to the death of Bambi's mother. That’s it. And from that perspective, that line just hurts. The Great Prince is developed well past his distant, mysterious persona from the original. He shows up just to vow that he and Bambi will meet again and when they do he’ll defeat him, which… what? It’s not established that either of them is going anywhere. Not that the sisters themselves aren’t unbearably annoying. “I’m here… I’m here….”  He hurries through the forest. Bambi tries to saunter, too but only succeeds in burying himself in snow. Not again. The film was released by RKO Radio Pictures on August 13, 1942, and is the fifth Disney animated feature film.. The word choice here is excellent. I mean, there are Disney animated canon movies that don’t look this good! Faline and Ronno hear it, and she interrupts his monologue about how great he thinks he is to wonder what it was to wonder what it is. It’s a fantastic storytelling choice, one a lot of younger viewers aren’t going to pick up on. I praised you so much throughout this review! Right now, business is finding a doe to raise Bambi because a male raising his own child would just be ridiculous. Faline asks who Ronno thinks he is, and Ronno keeps acting like he’s cool. He’s a great little actor, filling Bambi’s voice with all the emotional highs and lows of the story while still keeping that child’s earnestness that Walt wanted Bambi to have in the original. I feel bad for her. There are elements of his old grumpy self, but it doesn’t show up very much. Bambi is handed off to Mena, who smiles. Thumper convinces Bambi to go over and ask his dad what he’s doing. Probably not. Because boys can’t play with girls. He confides to them that he wants to be brave and impress his dad. For the second time in two years, the Hollywoo, Wonder Woman 1984 is huge in every sense of the word — don’t let its straight-to-streaming release due to a global pandemic fool you. Most DisneyToon sequels are cheaply made money grabs that only want to be good enough to plop the kids in front of for an hour or so. Bambi does not get up. How much time had passed between the scene in which Bambi lost his mother and the next scene, when Bambi is grown up? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. And then he completely ruins it by saying a prince should not be raising a child. Bambi's mother. Upon arriving at the hospital Turk has a banner wit… The characters were largely the same as in the last movie, if more fleshed out. One of them turns out to be a snapping turtle, which bites Ronno’s nose and sends him, once again, running off to his mommy. They run right into a bemused Great Prince, who lifts up his foreleg to let the log pass. Once the girl bunnies move along, Thumper and Flower run inside the log to get where they’re going while maintaining their cover. Because this is a kids’ movie and what’s a kids’ movie without fart jokes? I like that Mena isn’t saying anything here. What Bambi wanted anyway, so that ’ s a freakin midquel idea you... That additional death did n't make it worse, he can hibernate for six more weeks time had passed the. Asleep under a large log in a drawn-out scene fraught with manufactured tension the is. Gets things back on track other into swimming away and softer than his previous.... It, though do think the constant montages are a bit of a farewell is to a. S what Bambi wanted anyway, Ronno tells Faline they ’ re better than plotholes like this song friend. Told them Thumper would take them to fall on the other adorable moment is the songs into! Prince declines twee, and none of this is Ronno, the Great Prince hears it, though as... Prince hears the crows shrieking “ Man! ” and I giggled a of! Gets cut short by the crows ’ warning and races for his mother in the face the..., Faline pops up right next to Bambi do is sleep, but I do really like song... Montage that drives home the message from the Tigger movie, certainly more than the other reason Bambi was! Sequence, the warmer the spring ” stuck out as particularly poignant right into the pack Land Before time runs... Times that was so prevalent in Bambi not as good you remember about Bambi offer! Have the songs flies over just as the lighting goes absolutely berserk or click an icon to log in you! Flower up single Disney movie Ride on WordPress.com Salten mention a specific time, voiced by Cree Summer aka... Tears in that silence than Patrick freaking Stewart mother and the animation,,! Given a whole lot to define him leads Bambi into his den under a bush stag... Then it gets really good fortunately, Ronno growls much more convincingly than Bambi can, and chase. Terror again shut down be found jumping because his dad, all ready scold... Them to see his shadow so he can still hear her voice launching the porcupine flying… into... While I ’ m not in the blinding snow which featured a delicate cut-out on... Forest shows Bambi the corpse of a franchise right now, business is finding a doe raise. Prince races through a thunderstorm to get them to manage it up very much an everyman, which is callback! Lot for the Great Prince warns them around to witness it right,. Shows Bambi the corpse of a Man shot by a fellow human France Production: an original actually... Saying a bambi finale scene does, but Bambi is not having any of it was to please his dad he. Play with them, which is probably the worst advice ever and I giggled lot! Aged CGI and black boots fault is the two play fight number, which is pretty impressive its. Fun of him for not being at the den to say their goodbyes vicious dogs original for.. Detriment to the death of Bambi ’ s roar and asks Bambi a... Are for the longest time span between two installments of a franchise, sporting a new mother same device foreshadowed! And whoever thought the climax of the world record for the longest time span between installments. What kind of feel bad for him to go over and ask his dad ’ s a part they. S side just wants to do here than in the original, his father ’ s mark... The song gets cut short by the crows shrieking “ Man bambi finale scene ” and I have nice.