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Lao Language

Lao is the official language of Laos. It is closely related to the Thai language, so both nations can understand each other.
The spoken word of the Lao language is easy to learn, the difficulty is to use the correct pitch. There are six different pitches, 3 are actively used. Words can mean something totally different depending on the pitch. The word nam (Num) means water, but can also mean river, milk or breast.
Many Laotians like it very much as a (western) tourist attempts to speak Lao.

One writes from left to right, the alphabet has 28 vowels and 33 consonants.

English, French and German
French is used by the government as a second language but is being replaced by English.
In the tourism industry English is widely used

In more rural area's English is not spoken so well, so times French or non foreign languages at all. You can then use the universal languages with your hand and feet.

Here are some words and numbers in the Lao language.
Below we are using the French phonetic writing which depends a little bit from the Lao phonetic writing. (Between bracket is the Lao phonetic)
Hello (how are you) - Sabaai-Dii i
Goodbye (good luck)! - La Korn (Sock Diider)
Yes – Dai (Chao)
No – Bo (boh)
Thank you – Khoptchai (Khob Jai)
Thank you very much – Khoptchai lai lai (Khob Jai Lai Lai)
You're welcome, you're welcome - Deoy Kwuam njin Dii
How much does it cost? – An nil aka tao dai (La Kha Thao dai?)
What is your name? - Chao seu njang?
My name is ... - Koi seu ...
Foreigner (literally French) - Falang

Food and drink:
Water – Nam (Num)
Drinking water – Nam Deum (Num Deum)
Beer – bia
Rice - khao
sticky Rice – khao niao (Khao Nioy)
Papaya slad - Tum Mark Hung
Bread – Khoa tchi (khao Jii)
Coffee black– Kafe Dam (kafeh)

Fish – Pa (paa)
Chicken – Sine Kai (Kai)

Practical way
Toilet - Hawng Num
Temple - Wat
Street - Thanon,Thang
Alley - Haum
Village - Moo Ban
Island - kawh
Hill - phuu or Phou
Waterfall - Num Tok Taat
Market - Talaat

0 - Soun
1 - Nung (Neung)
2 - Sang (Sawng)
3 – Sam (Saam)
4 – Sii (Sii)
5 – Haa (Haa)
6 – Hok (Hok)
7 – Tiét (Jet)
8 – Pét (Paet)
9 – Kao (Kao)
10 – Tien (Sip)
11 – Sip ét (Sip et)
12 – Sipsong (Sip sawng .... etc)
20 – Sao (Sao)
30 – Sam sip (Saam sip)
40 – Sii Sip (Sii sip)
100 – Loi
1000 - Phan, Neung Phan)