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After years of war and isolation, Southeast Asia’s most pristine environment, intact cultures and quite possibly the most chilled-out people on earth mean destination Laos is fast earning cult status among travellers.
Laos is developing quickly but still has much of the tradition that has disappeared in a frenzy of bulldozers, concrete and reality TV elsewhere in the region. Village life is refreshingly simple and even in Vientiane it’s hard to believe this sort of languid riverfront life exists in a national capital.
Then, of course, there is the historic royal city of Luang Prabang, where watching as hundreds of saffron-robed monks move silently among centuries-old monasteries.
This is as romantic a scene as that you will not experience anywhere else in Asia.
Away from the cities, the rivers that wind dramatically down to the Mekong, the forested mountains of the north, the gothic limestone karsts of central Laos and the 4000 islands of the deep south form one of the most intact ecosystems in Asia.
Not surprisingly, this wilderness is drawing travellers looking for nature, adventure or both.
Kayaking, rafting, rock-climbing and biking are all available, but it’s the community-based trekking that is most popular because it combines spectacular natural attractions with the chance to experience the ‘real Laos’ with a village home stay – while spending your money where it’s needed most.

Laos is situated in Southeast Asia and shares its borders with five neighbouring countries.
On the north Laos shares its borders with China and Vietnam, on the south with Cambodia, on the west with Thailand and on the north-west with Burma.
Laos is the only country in Southeast Asia that has no sea border. . The total country area is approximately 236,800 sq km (91,430 sq mi) and if you look at the map of Lao people are believed to be the polite people.
Laos customs, cultures and traditions have been followed up to this day from their ancestors for many centuries.
The majority of Lao people believe in Buddhism and many of them follow Laos’s religions strictly.
Therefore, you can notice there is a lot of Laos’s festivals celebration almost every month of the year.
Laos food is hot and spicy and it's available in major cities and markets places.

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