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What is the exam?

The exam has three parts:
  • Part 1: Test Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS)
    You will be asked a number of questions
    over the telephone based on a booklet with
    30 illustrations. The questions will include the following topics:
    1. The Netherlands: Geography, housing and transport
    2. Dutch history
    3. The Dutch constitution, democracy and legislative system
    4. The Dutch language and why it is important to learn it
    5. Parenting and education
    6. The healthcare system
    7. Work and income
Of the first part (KNS) one has to give at least 21 correct answers (=70%).
The score is the percentage one answered correct.
The KNS takes about 15 minutes.

Part 2: Test of Spoken Dutch (TGN)
You will be presented with the following
tasks over the telephone:
1. Repeating sentences
2. Answering short questions
3. Naming antonyms (opposites)
4. Repeating stories
Of the second part (TGN) the two parts "repeat phrases" count for most points (together 75%)
"Short questions" and "opposites" each count for 12.5%
The part "repeat two short stories" does not count in the score.
The score for TGN is between 10 and 80 points.
10=no answer was correct, 80=perfect Dutch.
You have to score at least 26 points.
The TGN takes about 15 minutes.

Part 3: Test Literacy and reading Comprehension (GBL)
You will receive the following tasks based
on a test booklet:
1. Reading word lists
2. Reading sentences
3. Reading texts
4. Reading and supplementing sentences
5. Answering brief written questions

You have to score at least 26 points.
The GBL takes about 25 minutes.