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Inburgering buitenland

There you are, far away from the country where you want to go, and you need to learn all about ...
How do you do that?
Of course there are a lot of ways to make something of the Netherlands and the Dutch language to learn.
Most things cost money.
If you do not have much money for a "responsible" course to follow, or to buy an expensive textbook.
You can at least use the exercises that you will find on this site.

The civic integration examination abroad consists of three components:
  1. Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS),
  2. Test Spoken Dutch (TGN) and
  3. Literacy and Reading Comprehension (GBL).

For knowledge of Dutch society need 100 questions and answers by heart. On the exam you get 30 of the 100 questions.

The exercises presented here are part of the Spoken Dutch Test (TGN) and the component Literacy and Reading Comprehension.
They consist of: repeating sentences, opposites exercise, simple questions and word rows read.

From 1 April 2011 there is the part Literacy and Reading Comprehension (GBL) have been added: you will already have read during the test. Writing does not.
You can use the exercises for ' repeat phrases 'use.
Read the first sentence of the list aloud, and then click on the 'play' button.
So you can hear if you properly read what it says.
Go immediately to the next sentence.

An official description of the new integration examination abroad you will find in this text by the Dutch government.
Practical information in Dutch and English, you can in this brochure (Adobe - PDF file) of the government find.