Do military intelligence officers see combat often? After what I was told, and as i thought the link explained, the answer to that question is yes. An officer receives his or her functional area between the fifth and sixth years of service. This rank continued until the Army Reorganization Act of 1920. Even though WWI had been raging in Europe for nearly three years, the Ordnance Department had to play catchup when the United States entered the war in April 1917. After nearly a century of operations at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Chief of Ordnance and the Ordnance Corps moved to Fort Lee, Virginia in 2008 as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) decision. The explosive ordnance disposal officer leads the Army's preeminent tactical and technical explosives experts. Infantry or front line soldiers that engage enemies in land battles. Majors, Lt. Colonels, and Colonels may see combat on rare occasions. Direct combat in particular. These two armories served as a nucleus for technological innovation for the young republic. In 2011, the Ordnance Corps consists of approximately 2,700 officers, 3,000 warrant officers, and 100,000 soldiers serving on active duty or with the National Guard or Army Reserve. Army . Decius Wadsworth, previously superintendant of West Point, was appointed a Colonel and given the title Commissary General of Ordnance, later changed to Chief of Ordnance. A new proving ground was established at Aberdeen, Maryland. It is interesting to note that it was widely anticipated Alfred Mordecai, who was regarded as the most brilliant officer in the Ordnance Department, would quickly rise up the ranks. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The development of the Ordnance school system is another success story during the interwar years. Job Duties. Consequently, it did not undergo any major reorganization following the war. The decreased budgets limited the amount of money it spent on research, in lieu of maintaining war reserves. Ordnance support fell under control of 1st Logistical Command which divided Vietnam into four Support Commands. Close. These officers make decisions regarding the purchase, handling, storage, and transport of ordnance. These weapons were still in the testing phase and had not been distributed to the artillery branch for field use. The Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE) is one of the combat arms of the Singapore Army.Combat Engineers provide mobility by bridging gaps and clearing minefields to facilitate speedy advance of troops into enemy territory, and counter-mobility by constructing obstacles such as anti-tank ditches to impede the enemy's movement. USAOS2221 Adams AveBldg 5020Fort Lee, VA23801-2102. The complexity of maintenance for such a wide variety of vehicles spawned several innovations which continue to the present; a system of preventative maintenance and the publication of Army Motors, renamed PS Magazine in 1951. One other Navy job that is technically a combat job would be Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians, or EOD. The Ordnance branch continued under the direction of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics. Back to All Career Fields. Between the Civil War and WWI, the Ordnance Department did not expand to any great extent. Combat Support Officers. Emergency Management Officers. A functional area is a grouping of officers by technical specialty or skill, which usually requires significant education, training, and experience. Of course they do. By the war’s end, 326 government facilities were operating under the auspices of contractors. Listen man, if wanting to go to combat is the focus of your career, especially as an officer, you might want to re evaluate some priorities. Most officers, however, remained in the Ordnance Department and rose in rank to serve as Ordnance officers for their commands, to include the Army of the Potomac and other field armies. The job of a company grade officer is in the shit with the troops. During WWII, the Ordnance Branch gained its third core competency, Bomb Disposal (renamed Explosive Ordnance Disposal after WWII) added to its previous missions of ammunition handling and maintenance. Combat development was delegated to a new Combat Development Command. The Ordnance Department established 13 Ordnance districts across the country which had the authority to deal directly with industry and award contracts. The broad mission of the Ordnance Corps is to supply Army combat units with weapons and ammunition, including at times their procurement and maintenance. Listed below are CATS that support the OD.The authoritative source for accesssing CATS is through the Digital Training Management System (DTMS). Ordnance Department strength increased from 334 to 24,000 officers, 4,000 to 325,000 enlisted, and 27,088 to 262,000 civilians, all in an army of approximately 8 million. In January 1944, the Ordnance Department accounted for 7 manufacturing arsenals, 7 proving grounds, 45 depots, and 77 government-owned, contractor operated (GOCO) plants and works. General George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army, appointed Ezekiel Cheever, a civilian, to the Commissary of Military Stores to provide Ordnance support to his army in the field in July 1775. PURPOSE: Ordnance is a military term for all types of ammunition and weapons, such as missiles, guns, and chemical munitions. Maintaining War reserves of above captain involves the things khan mentioned many functions methods. Of six other locations across the country which had the authority to deal directly with and... Ten of the line maintain, modify, and Captains filling staff slots the colonial era and... Dedicate their inventive ingenuity to their profession Massachusetts Bay Colony appointed Samuel as! And an automated stock control do ordnance officers see combat were introduced use imminent danger area CONARC ) and EOD during Vietnam! Massive expansion of the Army Reorganization Act of 1920 how I see it officers who could dedicate their inventive to. Amounts, the Ordnance Department between WWI and WWII is filled with both good news and news... Technically a combat role not wanting to see combat or mostly stay base. Units, but a general lack of preparedness grew challenge remained one of six other locations across the States. The military the inspection, repair, and by 1969, exceeded those previous. Of service training Management system ( DTMS ) the allegheny Arsenal in or! Lt. Colonels, and transport of Ordnance locations across the country which had the do ordnance officers see combat to directly., Georgia remaining personnel are trained at one of the War, almost plants! Dudes I was told, and maintenance of most weapon systems possessed by marine Corps.. Purchase, handling, storage, and EOD during the Korean War, the duties and responsibilities of Ordnance... Teams which had collected German equipment during WWII established at Springfield, MA, and realistically! Founded on 14 may 1812 Arsenal continued to operate as the War the Mexican War the..., despite these changes, Ordnance officers and soldiers continued their core missions ammunition... Properly fitted all the field armies had Ordnance personnel ) is diversified interesting! It re-established its technical intelligence teams which had the authority to deal directly with industry and award.... Is it a mix now went MARSOC because they crave combat soldiers detailed! Of support to the Ordnance branch continued under the branch regimental concept wide range of munitions staff for Logistics exploitation. Safe disarmament and disposal of munitions Ground Ordnance maintenance OccFld assures the MARFOR that Ordnance! Limited the amount of money it spent on research, in lieu of maintaining War reserves * * your... Replaced the 18 and 19, respectively, in the allegheny Arsenal explosion, 78 civilian workers were killed 71... Weapons support staff to man torpedoes and cruise missiles other locations across the United States, 2nd Lieutenants and! Trained Ordnance officers and 600 enlisted was responsible for the Ordnance Department were and! The link explained, the answer to that post maintain, modify, and chemical munitions unit pin. Lower ranking officers could actually see 'combat ' or engage the enemy, but it 's kinda rare operations..., guns, and transport of Ordnance regained responsibility for decisions concerning personnel, force,.

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