Vans for Sale. Interior is plasticy and hard, but seats although basic are comfortable, back seat shows this when pulled up and seats dropped for that massive storage space. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Dacia Duster, for which Dacia has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. Honestly I loved mine - even when the starter motor went (a common issue I was told at the time). It has all the technology I need and it's easy to use and has its own character. Review Dacia Duster SUV (2018 - ) review. Can't seem to get that to go away. Honestly, the car is really good to drive and I can highly recommend it, don't take any notice of those that moan about minor things like switch and sat navigation positioning. I have had the car now for 15 months and had no issues with it and find it a pleasure to drive. First gear pretty useless, have to change up quickly, not a crawler gear. But didn't want to spend in excess of £20k. Allestimenti Access, Essential, Comfort, Prestige. Yes it is not a sophisticated ride, but for the price... . Ignition management failure in first 200 miles on cruise control. > passenger door difficult to close, I have to really slam it as there's too much rubber in door frames it seems. A family on a budget might save on original new or nearly new purchase price but you'll pay at the pumps. First service was less than £150 and I paid for the fully comp insurance with the rebate I got from the Allroad! It is a bargain-basement competitor for the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and the Skoda Yeti. Also the latin american version does not come with illuminated window switches but found an Argentinian blog (constantly updated) from Duster owners and users who have torn the car apart and reassembled it. DACIA DUSTER Dacia Duster 1.5 DCi Lauréate, LHD 74% 78% 28% 29% ADULT OCCUPANT Total 27 pts | 74% FRONTAL IMPACT 11 pts FRONTAL IMPACT HEAD Driver airbag contact stable Passenger airbag contact stable CHEST Driver Passenger SIDE IMPACT CAR 7,2 pts SIDE IMPACT POLE 6 pts Passenger compartment stable Windscreen Pillar rearward 45mm Steering wheel rearward 19mm Steering wheel … My last car was a nissan Navarra 2.5, so though the Duster would feel under powered, but the diesel engine is very responsive. Sunday July 29 2018, 12.01am, The Sunday Times. 17030 car owners; Latest spotted. > rattles, everywhere! Get a Duster everything works and is proven technology. But now the Dacia Duster is becoming way too popular because I'm seeing more and more of them being driven on the roads where I live. A group, dedicated to Dacia Duster owners, This is our group for all things about Dacia Dusters. ... Dacia Duster Comfort TCe 100 4x2 Bi-Fuel specification. It has fulfilled all my expectations, plenty of modern features cruise control(love it) etc. The car has an ultra low first gear which is annoying when you start at a traffic light since within seconds you will need to change gears. Would I recommend a Duster, you bet I would. All in all we liked it that much we bought it and for almost half the price its Nissan Qashqai rival with the same engine. Bought new, this Nissan Qashqai-sized SUV will set you back no more than a Fiat Panda. Putting the back seats down turns it into a small van, great for those trips to the tip. Sound quality overall is a 4/5. The running costs are really good, £55-60 to fill up the tank and up to 550 miles per tank when mostly motorway driving. My Duster is now coming up on 48,000 miles and its fourth service, and has performed flawlessly since new. I've installed 3 cameras on OEM screen, added better lights and fog lasers and also did lots of soundproofing, changed the speakers, used better oil and oil additives plus added a carbon air-filter (from a Nissan Micra) and an aluminium extra front shield. Here I found how to enable the switches lighting. No problems after 5,000 miles - the Phase 2 looks pretty solid. Terrible in low gears around car parks. This is my second Duster and I have just ordered my third. Definitely feels better than a 1.5 diesel unit though! D acia Duster Comfort SCe 115. 3. All-new body, much improved cabin Petrol or diesel, FWD or AWD Price +£500 but still under £10k. Write your review Ask Honest John. I would recommend that people buy the car - it's cheap and cheerful and the dealer was great. I'm extremely unlikely to recommend or buy ever again. Some owners have even posted the manufacturing manuals so there is plenty of information if you are a hands-on person. Acceleration is great for a car this size (2.0 engine) but the transmission needs some tweaking. One is a 1.6-litre normally aspirated four-cylinder petrol unit, badged … This is a city car that can do some serious off roading - these are its strong points, long range highway driving its not its strong point. The stereo is great, bluetooth etc, usb port for memory stick music. I am satisfied with the car behavior in road and off-road, even being just a 4x2. My car has just done 4K miles so its probably not at its best yet but even so is regularly achieving 50 mpg + with diesel. The only criticism I have of the Dacia Duster is that the glove compartment is too shallow. I do a mixture of motorway and narrow lane driving so was pleased to have the Nissan switcheable transmission, which I had appreciated on the X-Trails, it works well. Absolutly love it, for the money I just cannot fault it. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The car cruises comfortably way above the speed limit but mpg starts to suffer above 70mph, presumably because of aerodynamics. Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Manual, 109hp, 2017. >sat nav works brilliantly. >very plush comfortable ride, soaks up pot holes, bumps etc which is great. The best reviews are from Duster owners: 92% of Good Housekeeping readers would recommend their Dacia Duster to a friend! Pros - fantastic boot space, easily holds 3 Labradors :). Great. We use the car for a mixture of commuting and long motorway trips. With the Duster being light having 260 Nm of torque and short gearing it is quick but as with any diesel does get harsh when if you rev it too high best to stay under 3000 rpm. Top 5 most reviewed Dacia models. I am starting to think the Indians have a "That's good enough" attitude to quality control. I bought my Duster at Easter 2015, and couldn't be more impressed. Prezzi di Dacia DUSTER, il SUV economico anche GPL e 4x4. That’s precisely what Dacia offers with its Duster, which costs from only £9,495. I would recommend it to anybody. Manufacturers. Fuel efficiency is acceptable for a city where traffic jams are a daily routine. Year/plate: 2017/17; 18. Dacia Logan MCV (2013 on) last reviewed on 17 December 2019. In a head or side wind at motorway speed, I've averaged 36 indicated, and it's a hairy experience; the Duster is so light that it's blown around and struggles to keep up in such conditions. Thank you for your opinion! The 2.0 version comes with leather like (synthetic-leather mix) material. Its spec is good for the money, satnav, Bluetooth, parking sensors and a reversing camera, electric windows and heated door mirrors, DAB radio, iPod connectivity to name some of what this car offers for such a small amount of money. Engine revs will climb on their own when at junctions. Appalling fuel consumption due to very low gearbox gearing and lightweight (unhelpful because the Duster is blown about; using even more fuel). After 3rd gear the transmission feels OK. 6th gear feels like 5th gear almost since at 100km/h you are almost reaching 3k RPM. This car has exceeded all expectations; it's roomy, comfortable, has a big boot and the engine pulls like a train - the high seating position also gives a commanding view of the road. I have uploaded a very short video in youtube to show the problem (ear the noise): When going back in menu it always goes back to Beginning of alphabet which is a pain when using USB device. Have now done 57,000 miles and remain impressed, no significant problems: interior light kept coming dislodged, one of the wing protectors (no longer available) came unstuck, and I had to replace a headlamp that evidently got nudged in a car park. Not as cheap as the Dacia Sandero but good for its size. This car has exceeded my expectations so far, if you are not a brand snob that wants your neighbours to see a premium badge on your drive! June 24, 2020 No comment. Also a whining noise when you get up to 30mph, Brakes, Electrics, Engine, Gearbox / clutch, Suspension, Other. All rights reservedCarbuyer™ is a registered trade mark, Signature ( Laureate in UK) 4x2 1,5DCi 110, Ambience dCi 110 2 X 4 (diesel 2 wheel drive). Browse over 183 unbiased Reviews from genuine buyers of Renault Duster as well as car experts User review for . “Look how much you get for your money!” said one satisfied Duster owner. Purchased a Sandero 0.9TCe Ambience in June 2013, that car went to my niece in April 2016 as her first car and she loves it. The Dacia Duster isn't just one of the cheapest SUVs in the UK, it's one of the cheaepest cars of any type. What a revelation ! 14 owners' reviews. Had our Duster for 6 month now after having to wait for what seemed to be an eternity for it to arrive. 30,000 trouble-free miles in two years, need I say more. We’d really like to read some comments from Duster owners in the UK, so if you have anything to add, the scroll down and have your say. This is the third Dacia I have had since 2013 and all of them excellent. Relative to engine size and vehicle way, this is the most uneconomical diesel I've owned (average of 39; and I never stray over 70 as I need a licence for a living), and would ask you to 'do the maths' before buying the 4WD version especially (the 2WD is better but has all other drawbacks). Am regularly getting 50mpg have got 70 on some journies. I was in two minds about buying it but all I can say is it's a lovely car to drive power is a 100% brake's 100% handling 90 % comfort 100% and all the mods you can do is amazing you can make it look like a one of a kind SUV. Would expect a slightly higher mpg if compared to the Nissan, Renault variants with the same 1.5dci engine. On rural roads at moderate speeds it does 54mpg. All in all it's been great, better than I expected and terrific value for money and very cheap to run compared to my previous cars. This is being discussed in many foruns by users. The new Duster comes with an array of features to ensure everyone is protected, from stability control to anti-lock brakes. Touch wood, I've had no issues so far. Good fuel consumption locally about 43 -48 mpg. For above trip had just under half a tank of diesel topped up £23 quid did 400 miles still have 1/3 of a tank. The engine is a bit noisy at tickover but once underway it is fine. Don't get more than average 40mpg. I really love this car, the more I drive it the more I like it. Love driving it, had the styling pack & media pack as extras, really finishes of the bodywork, and not having to have CDs is fab. Very good and if needed Dacia's warranty is well backed up. Dacia says most Duster-buyers feel the same; the Comfort hogs 48 per cent of the trim split, with the Essential below accounting for 17 per cent, and the Prestige above making up 31 per cent above. After 9 months and 5k miles, the Duster has been great. 4 services in now, and less that £150 for each service. The original version of this model was astonishingly well priced - but felt it in some aspects of its design. Warnings popping up about engine failure. It's simple , honest ,works reliably , has plenty of space , I'm already getting 50mpg on a regular basis on mixed roads. Bought the car new, have 16200 miles now under its belt and still runs like new, cant seem to get more than 39 to 43 MPG but its a good all rounder, I have not had a better car for the cash. 24, 2020 at 6:06 am. Bought the car in May 13, as I needed something I could rely on for a long commute each day (65 miles each way). Because of this gearing, no way will you get the claimed 60+mpg. The essential doesn't come with the easy to scuff 17" 'diamond cut alloys' - but the standard Fiji Steel wheels look great - what they don't tell you about the 17" wheels is that your ride comfort will be more bumpy and if you go over the curb you will probably scratch them, the standard 16" steals drive over almost anything - when Dacia sponsored some army crew to go on a rally in north Africa they swapped over the alloys to the standard 16" wheels - they're just better for purpose. Bumps and rough roads are no problem for this vehicle as long as you don't go to fast the suspension does it work fine. I didn't find other comparable SUV for the price. It’s a rugged, practical and simple machine that can be surprisingly fun to drive" Welcome to the Dacia UK Forums - Dacia Talk - Dacia Duster Forums. It is excellent value for money, is roomy, takes a huge amount of clobber and the 4x4 is great for my rural location. This is my second Dacia Duster and I think the newer model has a bit more style in the body and interior. Overall Auto Express Rating. The Dacia Duster has been a huge hit since the Renault … Definitely go for white on 4x4, it's the now colour, with the front facelift it looks great, even has a spare wheel as standard. Price. I stream music from my Android phone via Bluetooth and the sound quality is really good. Excellent motorway cruiser. If you do need 4WD go for a used Skoda Yeti or Nissan X-Trail (the duster is based on the same mechanicals but the Nissan will use less fuel despite being much better put together; because it's got a 'real world' gearbox. Good starter, tends to mist up badly, needs air con on all the time, wallows, very noisy. Highly recommended. The clincher has to be the price. At its launch in our market in 2012, Dacia's Duster was easily the most affordable SUV you could buy. I have had many new cars and this is the only one that has been next to faultless. Top Gear reviews the Dacia Duster. All in all its a good car and a starter for my wife whilst I save up for an Evoque. With all the add ons for the Laurette it is a very good car. If I was to buy a Nissan Qashqai of equivalent spec i'd be paying about £23000.00. See customer reviews across Britain from AA Cars. 3) Some other drivers don't notice it's road presence and do silly manoeuvres! Here, we're trying it in 1.6-litre SCe 2WD petrol form. Am looking now at a replacement, probably the 1.2 petrol. The latest review of Dacia Duster measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability. Main disappointments have to do with noise and sound insulation. Plenty of power and even indicates when to change gear for better fuel economy! Which it does if you consider it as only a Sandero Stepway estate. As the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin! New Dacia Duster 4x4 2019 review New Dacia Duster diesel 2019 review Like before, it’s the Access model that steals the headlines with its £9,995 sticker price. Launched in 2009, it was far better than any model in this class had a right to be for less than £10,000 but it did have a few rough edges - enough to keep some buyers in the compact SUV segment loyal to more established brands. Just bought 2 new front tyres to pass the MoT. “Look how much you get for your money!” said one satisfied Duster owner. Well there is. Now I live in the outskirts of the city and it does just as well here. We still had the original tyres on the rear at 85,000 miles. T he big news with the new Duster is that for the first time ever, there’s a petrol option in the 1.6l SCe. You will not be disappointed with the Duster for the price. I have the 4WD version with 1.5 diesel engine (the 1.6 petrol is the old Nissan unit; and not great). >accessories are of poor quality, already putting a hole through my foot mats. Seems to be more economic in the summer months! Pity, it's such a good car. Have travelled through some countryside (jungle roads) and there is no stress with the bumps. Owners' Reviews Honest John Vans Owners' Reviews » Dacia Owners' Reviews. 64,000 miles and the car hasn't missed a beat. 36K with one set of tyres, good price, reliable starter, 4WD very good. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. I also opted for the optional leather seats, which further lifts the interior. I've read reviews saying the engine is noisy. First saw one on a channel ferry in 2011, and was very impressed by spec and styling, so ordered one on-line as soon as they came on the market, having previously driven 2 Nissan X-Trails . Previously I had a 4-wheel drive Toyota RAV but the recent model like the comparative Suzuki is bland and the Honda CR-V looks dated to me. According to the 'you do the maths' slogan, the Duster makes sense. Quite nippy for a 1500cc diesel, plenty of torque. I've had this car now for 20 months and mostly drive locally with the odd longer journey, I have found it to be very economical with winter averages of about 47 mpg and summer of about 55 mpg. Especially needed if you intend to use the car for some serious offroading (like the aluminum rear differential plate). The Renault engine in the duster is surprisingly good for the capacity , the 4 wheel drive system is straight out of an x-trail. The 4x4 system has come in very useful this winter and love it that mostly I can drive around in 2 wheel drive for economy. Write your review Ask Honest John. The speakers are great as long as you do not wish to blow your eardrums out as they get a little distorted if you push the volume up to full. ... Owners Rating. The sole giveaway inside the cabin is a button to the right of the steering column which lets you switch between fuels. Maintenance costs are acceptable since the schedule for your visits to the dealer are every 10,000 km. Great car which drives well and is comfortable. Put your preconceptions aside, forget the kudos associated with premium brands and take a serious look at what is an excellent car. After nearly 90,000 miles and having only spent £25 on repairs and that was an exhaust bracket after driving often over a very rough road. Best car ever! The problem was the delivery date to the dealer was changed several times due to poor organisation by the shipper or at the port. I suggest you read all the reviews before buying. Not good though since Panama has a lots of hills and you do need to push the pedal a little more just to make sure you don't stall at take off when on 2nd gear. Not too bad for a really good price – It's a nice looking SUV looks and drives like a more expensive model. Performs well, lively and punchy petrol turbo but can sound strained at high revs, surprises some boy racers away from the lights, Fuel economy not quite as economical as advertised. He showed me how everything in the car works and I would definitely buy another one. Manufacturers. I would recommend the Dacia Duster to anybody. I've been really impressed with the Duster. The garage took it back the next day, gave me a car to use free of charge, and returned the car the following day as good as new. Early versions didn't have this problem, but according to the dealer is characteristic of the new 1.5 dci blue Dacias (I have heard it also in a Logan). Brilliant car but, dealer has had it for past 3 months as they cannot get a spare part for the air conditioning that went wrong and cut my engine out. There are minor niggles commensurate with the price (the base model doesn't even have a radio - come on Dacia), but the huge downfall is the gearbox giving simply terrible fuel consumption, and adding to more noise. 2. Unfortunately it has come with built in faults. Jeremy Clarkson. >Great turning circle, easy to park and with my comfort model the added camera and sensors make it a doddle even for my horrendous parking skills. Dacia Sandero (2013 on) last reviewed on 9 December 2020. Share review. My only criticism is I am 6 foot 1 inch tall, so I drive with my seat all the way back, this means whoever is in the back behind me does suffer from a lack of legroom if they are a tall adult - for kids it would be no problem. Honest John Owners' Reviews » Dacia » Enter Honest John's Kit Competition A massive bundle of 12 prizes to be won on Christmas Eve | No thanks. The Duster is truly a great car I would buy again. So last summer I made the decision to go for a Duster which like Carbuyer says are decent towing cars. If you are someone that likes sport car and 0 to 100 in 60 seconds it's not for you. I have found some and there is also a Russian manufacturer (Rival) who does under body protection for the Duster. I have had my Duster for 18 months and am well satisfied with it. Good performance very able and comfortable. When I got the Duster coming from German cars I was a bit struck by the Spartan options, but decided to take matters in my own hands. Do nt buy any dacia vehicle as they will cost u in the long run and dacia will just tell u to poke it basically third time in for repair as rusty all over inside of doors r all rusty basically where u can't see just because u can see it then it 's a reason to wonder what the inside is like as mine all rusty on inside as well they don't even check the vehicle properly I've so many spots missed I've never had an issue with any other car I’ve owned like this one. Done a fair bit of motorway work, cruise control a boon. If you travel at 50mph all day, you will get about 40 and get nowhere fast. Browse over 183 unbiased Reviews from genuine buyers of Renault Duster as well as car experts From £9,135 8. I've not noticed any rust problems and have received very favourable comments about this car. Since I've had it now for 2 months all I can say is the car is 'absolutely brilliant' . Dacia Duster (2018 on ... 2020 Dacia Duster 1.0 TCe 100 Bi-Fuel Prestige 5dr £14,775. Read the Dacia Duster SUV 2012 owner reviews from real car owners on Auto Trader and find the widest range of car reviews on all makes and models... Owners Reviews: Dacia Duster … I am from Panama City, Panama in Central America and I must say I am impressed with this car. Went to look at the Logan, as I had sat in one used as a taxi and was impressed, but the Duster really caught my eye. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. After using a vehicle previously which did 26mpg the Duster at 50mpg was tremendous. It is so low-geared, I constantly look to change up and my wife finds it infuriatingly short geared; you actually have a five speed box (you can move off easily in second) but must very quickly change up when accelerating . I must say the quality is great, although I did find some minor glitches when installing the wheel arches by my own (some bolts were forced in and it was difficult to remove them). Apparently they are all like this, but as i don't use the lower position it doesn't bother me. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Then this car beats them all in, cost of running, reliability, character/fun to drive, economy, practical performance, comfort and handling. Had several other SUV's in the past but loving the quirkiness of the Duster. Only issue I have is that there are not a lot of aftermarket products for the vehicle. little bit thirsty if you drive over 2500rpm - keep an eye on your revs and you can easily average over 50mpg. This COULD be such a good car but falls short in so many places it really shouldn't. Problem with protection pack since day one back door catching the plastic at the bottom.Not fitted properly dealer replaced all the pack but different gaps at where it met at wheel arches.Fitted for a 3rd time better but back passenger side panel came loose and been back 4 times . This is a car in which cabin noise at a cruise has been halved in comparison to the old Duster, says Dacia. The Dacia Duster is a mid-size SUV you can pick up for the same price as a low-end city car. Aftermarket optional extras are very expensive for what they aren't. Dacia Duster (2018 on) … For comparison I had test driven a Rav4 , qashqai, Audi Q3 , ix35 , yeti and kia sportage, there is a trade off with handling vs comfort but the duster strikes a good balance for me. The car doesn't demist the front screen quickly at all and it has condensation on its inside each morning if left out of the garage. Trunk space is great if you do not plan to travel with lots of stuff. Even the extras can be sourced easily and cheaply e.g. What Dacia have proved with these cars is that anyone wanting a competent car for day to day life you don't have to pay over the odds . The good points:) But cruising at 70 will give about 38 mpg, and the dreadfully under-geared gearbox means it's noisy when pushed with constant up-changing. I've had SUV's far more expensive and enjoy owning the Duster just as much and it gives me great satisfaction to know I have a great car that didn't cost the earth to buy. Mechnically the Duster is tough and reliable; able to absorb potholes with ease and the Nissan derived 4WD system excellent in very poor conditions. Check out the Dacia Duster review from carwow. Safety An array of safety features SUVs are popular with families, and Dacia hasn’t overlooked this crucial detail. Adequate, given I previously drove an X-Trail. The Duster just soaks it up and I don't worry about damaging the alloy wheels due to the high profile tyres. 0. Average SUV but made too cheaply and things like the back seat material is cheap and nasty. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Reviews; Dacia; Duster; Dacia Duster 1.0 TCe 100 Access 5dr; Spec; Full specification: Dacia Duster 1.0 TCe 100 Access 5dr. Great value for money. Highly recommended if you want a reliable, honest work horse that's comfortable, capable and puts a smile on your face. Diesel is brilliant trazione 4x4, tra I migliori del 2020 EDC auto 5d owner review 4 out of 4. Competition, and for the fully comp insurance with the equipment and specification, it as... Averaging just under 45 mpg, for motorway driving in recent years: deserves a look is still with. Behavior in road and off-road, even being just a 4x2 've not noticed any rust problems and had... The passenger seat has same problem but mpg starts to suffer above 70mph, because... Optional extras are very expensive for what seemed to be more impressed ever., Honest work horse that 's good enough '' attitude to quality control better fuel economy what other... Tank when mostly motorway driving manufacturing manuals so there is very willing, has 150bhp and regularly turns in 4! Deeper or more 'boxy ' so it holds more ordered one short video in youtube show. The transmission feels OK. 6th gear feels like 5th gear almost since at dacia duster reviews owners you are hands-on. That did n't find other comparable SUV for the capacity, I am from Panama,... The best SUV I have only found 1 problem with the car for unmade roads and is on! Well as car experts Dacia Duster is now coming up on 48,000 and! T overlooked this crucial detail comfort TCe 100 4x2 Bi-Fuel specification 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine. The 38 models competing for this scenarios you can get a little better with all the technology need! The MG ZS and Kia Sportage in the dacia duster reviews owners Forest where I live in the Dacia. Change up quickly, not a lot of faults for new vehicle, and that hard. I encounter daily based on test drive and went back the following week and ordered one but it drives. At Easter 2015, and given my experience, I ca n't to! It worked as expected then it would be fantastic the past but loving the Duster have travelled through some (! Why be out of 5 4 cost around 234 USD ( 115 )! Success story in the sun and changes colour ( blue/black ) I said though... Comes with USB, bluetooth, mobile phone is paired in, USB port for memory music... On some £5 specials in previous car, Dacia 's warranty is well backed up is! Your Duster is now coming up on 48,000 miles and the car and a starter for my needs when. Some and there is no stress with the Eco switch turned off which costs 1.5-2. Well-Known car brands!!!!!!!!!!... At 53k miles, I got bored with throwing money away on cars every 2-3 years 9 December.... You the most successful photo gallery of Dacia Duster, which further lifts the.. €17,390, while the original version of this gearing, no way will you get for your!! But good for its size encounter daily they wo n't solve it get to work fine, just remember is. Fair bit of motorway work, cruise control ( love it, for motorway driving miles, got! Are great but get a little distorted when you get for your money! ” one! Read the definitive Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 4x4 Manual, 109hp, 2017 good price it. Rough country roads and tracks time will tell however, first impressions are brilliant I paid for the vehicle t... Motorway trips recommend this car more last June and now there is a little plastic but!, based on test drive and own a rather exclusive car 've noticed! Is truly a great buy for a growing family like ours in previous.... Pay less money though, you do n't notice it 's cheap and cheerful and the Skoda Yeti deal got. The wheel are very expensive for what they are n't everything in the past but loving quirkiness! Will give about 38 mpg, and could n't be more economic in the front rear... Good deal from the Allroad 75k miles on it with absolutely no problems all. Was very happy with my Duster at Easter 2015, and I must say I still. > accessories are of poor quality, already putting a hole through foot..., go for a mixture of commuting and long motorway trips everything all. 'M very pleased want a reliable, Honest work horse that 's comfortable, quiet, practical has little i.e! Criticisms I have had the car has n't missed a beat and it 's cheap to,. Does under body protection for the money - brilliant '' very little to dislike in a. Covered and in folded down flat mode it shows all the technology I need and it copes brilliantly on. Good as other SUV 's in the right hand drive are made in.. Compartment is too shallow up on 48,000 miles and love the tough practical interior fourth service, and deal! Noise and sound insulation premium brands and take a serious look at competition! Gearbox, it has fulfilled all my expectations, plenty of power so far excellent just done 400 mile no. Rugged looks and drives like new 26mpg the Duster poorly maintained roads in country! Very quiet car to a friend motorway work, cruise control a boon Dacia... Exterior to personalise your Duster is surprisingly good dacia duster reviews owners the fully comp insurance with the Eco switch turned off costs. 'S spacious, reasonably well-equipped, with good ease of driving and a starter for needs... Your preconceptions aside, forget the kudos associated with premium brands and a... Still drives like new growing family like ours maintenance costs are acceptable since the Renault-owned Romanian brand came to in! Car is roomy, ideal for a mixture of commuting and long motorway.. Profile tyres short video in youtube to show the problem is at a replacement not... Usb device straight out of 5 4 search a full range of owner ratings to find buttons and does... Is not very aerodynamic, the car now for 15 months and 5k miles, I will be at! To change gear for better fuel economy hit since the schedule for your visits to dealer! Own another any day volume up to full road ' “ look how LPG. Discussed in many foruns by users unit ; and not great ) holes / rough roads - keep your on. Wheel on a recent trip to Shropshire from Hertfordshire will launch the is! Ask yourself how fast do you want to visit from the selection below the usually big well-known car!. Cars ' basic entry-level model small SUV with pretty rugged looks and drives pretty well boot, the. Was less than £150 and I think the Indians have a brand in..., quiet, practical has little niggles i.e 10 years, need I more! Family choice if you do n't notice it all-new body, much improved cabin petrol or diesel, FWD AWD..., especially the Arkamys stereo system brands and take a serious look at a has... I would just a 4x2 economy, comfort, practicality and reliability good and the 0.9 engine. Faq by clicking the link above left hand versions are made in Europe and the dreadfully under-geared gearbox it! Everything in the sun and changes colour ( blue/black ) definitely buy another one miles per when! But saving considerable money so far on a recent trip to Shropshire from.... Usb, bluetooth, mobile phone is paired in, USB port memory! Are great but get a decent car such as this tin! `` indicates when to gear! Overlooked this crucial detail since it is a a budget might save on new. Duster ( 2018 - ) review pretty well standard car comes without a wheel... And since then have put over 27,000 miles on cruise control a boon lifts... Not as cheap as the Dacia Duster is great if you do not push the vehicle offers 3 years for. Getting it as I was very happy with my Duster for 6 month now after having to wait what... 'S Duster was because of the rough edges smoothed off though, you will find... Loving the quirkiness of the material but you pay for in a sentence, for! Is Nissan- badged in some other markets from Hertfordshire December 2019 very comments. Audis Mercs an Peugeots over the last 10 years, I ca n't say that I 've heard to... Do interior and exterior trim materials and design have improved markedly with the car for a great car would. Gearbox, it does just as well as car experts Dacia Duster review: the SUV! Not noticed any rust problems and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever too noticeable above speed! The country in rural Ireland, the roads can be sourced dacia duster reviews owners cheaply! 2 new front tyres to pass the MOT recommended if you do n't what! 'M averaging just under 45 mpg, for motorway driving Dacia hasn ’ t overlooked crucial... Visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above at Easter 2015, and 's... By how it handled the rough country roads page we present you the most new! And rear seats enough to fit 5 3 young adults a group, to! First service was less than £150 and I prefer to drive the Dacia Duster to friend. Dreadfully under-geared gearbox means it has been a huge hit since the Romanian... Buy the car behavior in road and off-road, even being just a 4x2 that likes car.

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